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written by Coupe06    
Highing Fly is the breakout album for Bronx, New York native, 6th Sense. The 22 year old is no neophyte to the game he has been working on mastering his craft and artistry since he was 14. During his earlier years, he was amongst some of the most elite lyrists while competing in the legendary Fight Klub and Training Camp Competitions. Subsequently, with his premiere album, 6th Sense is out to expose the world to a new state of mind.

Highing Fly has all the makings of a good album, it is a glimpse of true potential. In saying that, there are however, some points during the album where the tracks seem to flow together with little variation. This ultimately makes for a break in listening. The album has an old school hip hop feel to it, taking us back to the days when hip hop was about more than money, cars and women. The artistry of rhyming is definitely evident as 6th Sense uses the free flowing beat as a canvas, to draw you a mental picture. 6th Sense may just have something with his new yet old approach to the cultivating of the hip hop movement.

Highing Fly has some undeniable bangers that put 6th Sense in the category of “Artist to Watch” and obviously Scram Jones would agree. Scram lends his expertise one of the hottest tracks on the album, “No Contest” featuring Notherground label mate Wildabest. Nonetheless, 6th Sense did not stop there he went on to enlist the assistance of Nicolay on the drum heavy, yet mild cadence “Make Rounds”. The artist also sought out his former Understudies group member Frequency to oversee the entire Highing Fly project, in which he did a descent job at accomplishing. There is an undeniable gem that comes right at the end of the album, “My Story Remix” which features Mike Maven and Wildabeast.

All in all, the question is always, "Is the album worth you taking the time to drive to the store, stand in the line, and deal with the piss poor customer service to get this album?" The answer for that is simply put, "No." However, it is at least worth you going to go cdbaby.com, pointing and clicking to cop it. If you still have a place in your heart for what hip hop used to be and where it can go, this is an album you should enjoy for the most part, if you are not interested in idealism that embodies a deeper sense of the foundation of hip hop - 6th is not your Sense.

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