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written by Kendra Desrosiers    
Mr. Lif’s latest release, Mo' Mega accompanied by the bonus disc Mo' Mega B-Sides was disappointing to say the least. The combination of sub par beats and slightly subliminal rhymes made for a mediocre production even with appearances from Murs, Aesop Rock, and Akrobatik.

The best production and lyrical ability was surprisingly found on the bonus disc. “Memorial Day (Backpack Thugs RMX)” criticized Bush’s war attempts with full force and a catchy yet simple beat. While Mo' Mega contained several politically charged pieces, the beats seemed to overpower Lif’s flow to the extent that one would have to completely block out the chaotic drums only to find that the message was repetitive and the lyrics not as skilled as one had hoped.

“Washitup,” a song condemning females with bad sexual hygiene, seemed very out of character for Lif and quite frankly, pointless. Along with “Long Distance,” a graphic depiction of Lif running out of patience for sex when he is finally able to meet with his long distance girlfriend, you found his verses deathly similar to today’s radio hits. Had the song been given more depth and emotional thought rather than completely focused on sexual desperation it would have made for a better track. Even as Mr. Lif kept some of his content “conscious” and political his rock themed beats conquered his rhymes yet failed to mask his feeble humor efforts in the Christmas untitled track.

Mo' Mega did however have its high points. “Lookin In” told the unfortunate life of a fatherless son. Lif relayed the trials and tribulations of growing up with no role model or guidance which many of his listeners can relate to. “Ultra Mega” exposed the media tactics corporations use to sell consumers products and “For You” was a thoughtful love song where Lif explains his struggle of wanting to support his girlfriend financially but my legal means.

Hopefully Mr. Lif’s next album will have more consistency and appropriate production or this Boston native’s popularity will gradually decline despite his potential.

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