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written by Dale Coachman    
I’m going to come out and say it, Pharrell “Skateboard P” Williams can spit whether written or freestyle, lyrically he can hold his own. I know, I know, Pharrell the Producer/Singer/Rapper is it possible? What is even more surprising is the content of In My Mind on the rap side was heavier and was not over shadowed by the Virginia Beach native’s eclectic, global sound.

With the current state of hip-hop’s music where we don’t even graze artist’s cerebral cortex, Pharrell truly opens up his brain with N.E.R.D influenced track Best Friend: “Can’t be mad at the world because you and your girl ain’t famous cause you both un-Baped, BBC and chainless, also you Rangeless therefore switch lainless now you brainless, dangerous, cause you pulled out the stainless.” That’s just the surface, but he makes an incision with the best track on the album, You Could Do it Too, “ I was a marchin band, I was a skateboarder, Jesus made wine I couldn’t make water, oxymoronic I’m here to destroy all you hate horders, niggas was cool in school now you take orders, I’m not dissin your job but now you listen and nod, some outer limit shit I know this position is odd.” which features a guest appearance at the end by contemporary jazz singer Jamie Cullum who actually did a remake of Pharrell’s Frontin.

The album on the rap side stays very consistent with How Does it Feel and Keep it Playa featuring Slim Thug. As the album transitions into the R&B Pharrell seems to pay homage to his predecessors Prince, Keith Sweat, and Bobby Brown with tracks like Young Girl featuring the CEO of Hip-Hop Sean Carter, Baby in which St. Lunatic leader Nelly makes an appearance, and Take it Off.

The production on the R&B was average but it wouldn’t hurt if Skateboard took some singing classes, hey Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin did and look how they turned out. However, in In My Mind, the founder of Star Trak Entertainment let you know he was made up of more than Bapes, Ice Creams and BBC gear, he gives us what a lot of artists don’t give and that’s a piece of who they really are.

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