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written by Dale Coachman    
Rhymefest seems to be the perfect example of Michael Jordan when he fist came into the league meaning he was trying to please everyone and at the same time still change the world which was difficult for even the greatest player of all time to accomplish. With the first release “Brand New” featuring “Kanye to the” that may have been more of a marketing mistake being as though that single was out on mixtapes eons before July 7th, Fest’s hype may have lost it’s luster and audience before he was even ready to throw that janitor suit in the trash.

Fest comes strong with Dynomite with the signature production from Just Blaze that speed seems to fit his lane of what he is trying to say for the politically conscious listener. As well as the track Bullet where he discusses the life of a graduating high school student who is approached by the Army who tells him he can go to the school if he just signs on the dotted line. We know how the story ends, all we have to do is read today’s New York Times. Fest also appeals to the women with a track entitled Sista which depicts in vivid detail the different roads a woman can take but in the end reminding them of their worth. For the sexually inclined Fest spits over the classic “Rock the Bells” beat with the track Stick which lets everyone know that Fest has a little freak in him but who doesn’t?

When I listen to Blue Collar I feel like what Rhymefest tells me in different articles whether it be Time, XXL, or the Rolling Stone I don’t see this being one of the 6 albums of the summer that can be listened to with the volume up loud in the Range or the Civic.

Fest, like his previous life had many different forms of employment and on this album he talked about so many different things I could not grasp the message and or purpose and maybe that was the point, that’s what life is about, I don’t know. Founder of Motown Berry Gordy used to ask his staff would you buy this album over a sandwich and if his staff even hesitated he knew it was a hit. If Fest asked a blue collar worker which would they chose I think they would not hesitate to take the biggest bite out of the sandwich and rip the CD and run as fast as they can.

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