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written by Chase Doe    
If there’s one thing about 50 Cent, it’s he has a good ear for talent. From Lloyd Banks to Young Buck, every artist 50 has signed to his G-Unit imprint has sold no less than gold, but 50's string of signing quality artists may change with his Spider-Loc.

After The Game was kicked out of G-Unit, Spider Loc was given his shot, and like The Game, Spider Loc “represents” the West Coast, the comparison ends there. 50 may claim that he wrote the hooks for The Game's biggest songs, but there is no denying The Game's skills when it comes to 16 bars (Dr. Dre co-signed). The same can not be said for Spider.

If you had to compare his delivery and voice, he sounds like Mack 10 – that’s not a compliment. Teaming up with Whoo Kid for the mixtape "Rags to Riches," only proves how boring he really is. Every solo song on the mixtape is forgettable, and on all his duets with established artists he is outshone and put in his place. Whether it’s the razor sharp flow of Ras Kass on “Too much money,” the thuggish Young Buck on “No More Games,” or Big Syke of Thug Life fame on “All Eyes On Us,” Spider Loc is outdone every time. Even a throwaway verse and an old hook from “Rowdy Rowdy” by 50 Cent put the G-Unit crip to shame on the cut “LA Niggas.”

The worst thing Spider Loc has going for him is his feud with The Game. On nearly every verse he throws a weak jab at The Game to no avail. Spider Loc is fighting a war he can’t win if he thinks he can live up to The Game and what he did for West Coast artists with his “The Documentary.” The man is irrelevant, and his gang affiliated talk becomes ridiculous in this day and age.

Who knows what attraction 50 Cent had to Spider Loc, but with the G-Unit roster of 50 Cent, Banks, Buck, Yayo, Mase, Mobb Deep, and M.O.P. It leaves little to no room for mediocrity. Hopefully, Dr. Dre is in the lab with The Game so rap fans can be treated to “The Doctors Advocate,” which should be another West Coast classic.

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