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written by Amelia Timbers    
I'd like to recognize The Bassment, a hot as hell radio station I accessed online while trying to figure out a way to listen to rap in my hear-a-pin-drop office. I'd just gotten in an argument with my boss, I was stuck inputting data into a silly form all day, and I was tired. Pissed off, I tuned into The Bassment just in time to catch 'My Favorite Mutiny', the fourth track of the Coup's new 'Pick a Bigger Weapon.' Every once in a while something happens at the exact right time; hearing the Coup's funky beats and get-up-stand-up lyrics combined with my downtrodden mood was the exact thing to turn my sorry attitude around.

Political rap often sucks. Either the sound quality is bad while the revolutionary lyrics are good, or it's super produced but has a superficial message, or it is so depressing you can't listen to it for any length of time. The Coup avoids these pitfalls. They do not mince words, hating on/mocking Bush, war, police, and authority in general in most songs. They also comment on poverty, birth control, getting disrespected, stupid managers, working crappy jobs, love and a grip of other topics pertinent to the liberal poor like me. Even with such heavy themes, they keep it hopeful and action oriented. But most importantly, God if I can't shake my ass to every track! The Coup is one of the funkiest rap groups available.

Pam and Boots mesh perfectly. Boots' rhymes are some of the most poetic I have ever heard; the caliber of his writing is evident in every song. Pam the Funkstress has created extremely danceable beats, which carry the album. 'Pick a Bigger Weapon' is a truly artistic balance between love and tough love as the Coup try to inspire their peers to stake out a better future.The best songs on the album are "Laugh/Love/F***" (and drink liquor; the entire chorus did not make the title). This is an uplifting, inspiring song about the best things in life. "My Favorite Mutiny", the next track, featuring Kweli and Black Thought is infectious; the sound is suspenseful and the lyrics are righteous. "ShoYoAss" is a call to action with a snappy, retro synth beat that Boots complements with lyrics about oppression. "Ass Breath Killers" appears to be a humorous song, but delivers a potent message. Boots pretends to be advertising Ass Breath Killers, a medical remedy for kissing ass and explains "And it's not to be confused with courage juice/ which we drank in chains and still ain't loose." The most startling song is "Tiffany Hall", a heart breaking eulogy for a friend. All the songs are amazing; not one lemon.

The Coup's 'Pick a Bigger Weapon' is a fantastic album, following in the footsteps of previous fantastic Coup albums. The Coup have mastered making it easy to listen to political rap (thus making it more effective), mixing playful songs and beats with deadly serious content. If you're angry about the world today and you like to dance, pick up the Coup's new one and if you just got paid this week, get their older stuff too.

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