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written by Cibby Pulikkaseril    
The first track on Too $hort's latest album, 'Blow the Whistle', is titled Call Her a Bitch and contains, I estimate, the word 'bitch' over 200 times in 3 and half minutes.

Sounds extreme? Too $hort is not one to hide from his roots, or sell himself out in an interview on, the 'Godfather of Bay-Area Hip Hop' claims to have found the word 'bioootch' in '82, popularizing it for the legions of West Coast rappers that would follow in his footsteps.

It's certainly awe-inspiring to listen to 'Blow the Whistle', $hort's 16th album, and realize that this cat was one of the originators, rolling with Biggie and Tupac before gunshots rang out on the Las Vegas strip. Like Brando, he inspired an entire family of pimpin' MCs to ride fast cars and spread the bling around town, complete with guns and tinted windows on their cars. Now, with 'Blow the Whistle', $hort puts his money behind the hyphy scene, giving it reputable credibility.

But that doesn't mean that this album has gone soft. Even though Lil Jon produced many of the tracks, Mr. $hort ensures that there's plenty of rabid talk about rough sex and degradation, in between all the hyped-up 'playa' choruses. While it's entertaining for the first half of the album, it grows a little tiresome. Yes, 'niggas' like receiving oral sex, but do we have to hear it over and over?

I dunno I guess after Russell Jones bit it, it's been hard to get a handle on filthy, dirty lyrics. What's the point? We've been there. My parents are no longer offended by perverse lyrics they've acclimatized.

Therein lies the point: Too $hort stays true to his roots, his 808 beats, his snarling dog lyrics, but do we need it? It's a great throwback to what it used to be like on the West Coast, but music is an evolution of a revolution, and 'Blow the Whistle', while great for a ride in the convertible over the bridge, is stuck in a whirlpool of the past. He's the godfather of pimp rap, yes, it's true, but once you've become the Don, do you really look to the Godfather for advice on how to run the family?

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