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Long before the south was considered the hotbed of Hip Hop, Eightball and MJG stood tall. For over ten long years the spaced aged duo has stayed true to their art form by never compromising their sound or style. However, even though they had garnered all the respect and accolades they deserve, Eightball and MJG have never broken through that mainstream door. Now looking to take their career one-step further, the dirty south tandem has decided to ride with P.Diddy and the Bad Boy family for their latest release Living Legends.

Even though Eightball and MJG have changed labels, their music is relatively the same as it always has been. With the exception of a couple of P.Diddy forced radio attempts, such as "Trying To Get At You" featuring 112 and "Baby Girl", Living Legends remains true to the gritty essence of Eightball and MJG.

The lead single "You Don't Want Drama" is as rambunctious as the duo has ever gotten, fitting their mold perfectly. Producer Shondrae's boisterous bassline will rip through your speakers ferociously, while Ball and MJG show you how to really get crunk. The dark and eerie synth sounds of "Don't Make" are just as vicious, as Eightball rips the track to shreds with his standout verse.

D-Dot and Pop-Trax's combination of handclaps and melodic strings on "Gangsta" is yet another classic Ball and G track, as is the funky "Straight Cadillac Pimpin" and "We Do It". Even Lil Jon steps out of his comfort zone by abandoning his trademark sounds with "Look At The Grillz" featuring Twista & T.I.

With an abundant amount of gun totting and shit talking floating around Living Legends, Eightball and MJG thankfully deliver some nice change of pace tracks to keep the album from being dull and repetitive. The Shondrae' produced "Forever" features a great mixture of heavy bass and soothing keys, which gels perfectly with Lloyd's crooning on the track's hook. But the duo's real growth is seen on the standout song "Confessions" featuring Poo Bear. Over a mesmerizing Cool And Dre piano loop, Ball and G deliver introspective looks inside each of their own worlds.

Living Legends may not rival Eightball and MJG's earlier work, but it still remains a solid and entertaining album. With only a couple of watered down radio attempts, die-hard fans should be pleased with their transition over to Bad Boy Records. And even though Eightball and MJG may not get the credit they deserve, there is no denying their legendary status.

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