Who Is Mike Jones?
Review by Low Key

"Mike Jones wants you to remember his name. Therefore, before every song on his debut album..."


Review by Rob Zito

"The year 1988 is commonly referred to as the beginning of the golden era of Hip Hop. Fat gold chains..."

True & Livin'
Review by Plus One

"Zion I are one of the most consistent groups the Bay area have produced that put forth a non-gun toting/thug-esque persona..."


Road To The Riches
Review by Scav

"If you think Purple City, Dipset, or anyone affiliated with their camps gives two Byrd Gang whoop whoops..."


Silent Alarm
Review by Pun.

"“Bloc Party” is a pretty great name for a band: dancing and conviction, vaguely political, all of that. The obvious..."

The Love Experience
Review by Hugo Lunny

"Whenever we're knocked down, we always wish to rise back onto our feet. Some of us have the strength to..."


The Beautiful Struggle - Talib Kweli
"“If skills sold, then truth be told, I’d probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli.” (Jay-Z, “Moment of Clarity”) And so it was stated on that day: Talib Kweli is your favorite rapper’s favorite..."

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The Archives area of the "Reviews" section contains archived reviews which have emerged over the life of MVRemix.com and "Tha Real." The reviews date back to 1998 and are archived alphabetically by artist. As you'll notice when you click on the link pertaining to the year in which the album was reviewed, you'll find that the artist is on the right and the album title is on the left. Simply search looking at the right because they're listed primarily in the order of the artist's name.

Our reviewers have taken a lot of time to review each album. Each release receives a minimum of eight listens all the way through, in order to try to establish a proper view on the quality of the material. The releases are also reviewed in a very controlled manner, and paid close attention to, to try to properly formulate an opinion. Remember, these reviews are opinions. We suggest you read the review, but if you're a fan of the artist - sample the album before purchasing it. Try to inspire quality through creativity, just because someone assembled it doesn't mean it's worth your money.

How are scores decided?
MVRemix album review scores are based on the opinions of the writers. Each album is reviewed solely as an independent entity, without comparison to other album scores or sales ranks (i.e. commercial vs. underground). That is, there is no "curve," and scores are not comparable to the scores of other albums.

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