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written by Low Key   
On his debut album Glory Days, Awar bridges the gap between the underground and the streets. The Fallen Angelz crew member's strong points lie within his ability to provide intelligent and thought provoking lyrics, while not sounding too abstract for the average listener. In addition, his nasally voice and aggressive flow both add a unique flavor to his game. However, what truly makes Glory Days shine is Awar's conceptual talent and variety in song making. The album is packed with an assortment of topics that range from your everyday struggles to political and social commentary.

"Utopia" is a prime example, which finds Awar touching on a variety of issues, while never settling on one for more than a few bars. Producer M-Phazes laces the track with an effervescent vocal sample, which adds a rich texture and sensual aura to the song. On "Deception Is Reality" Awar opens up and delves into his troubling break up with his cheating girl and all the drama that unfolded. However, not one to dwell on the situation for too long, Awar ends up better off in the end, even proclaiming, "You don't love me, you just love my doggy style, and I still got the video tape to prove it".

While Awar provides intriguing conceptual material on Glory Days, some of the best efforts on the album come from your typical hardcore street tracks where Awar goes off on the lyrical tip. M-Phazes viciously dark beat on "Blood, Guts & Glory" provides the necessary backdrop for Awar to go all out with lines like, "I know your pimp juice is secretly secreting vaginal fluid". Things continue to heat up on "Gang Initiation" featuring Poison Pen and Diabolic, which finds all three emcees bringing it back to the good old days of boom bap Hip Hop. In addition, other attempts such as "Angels & Demons" featuring iCON The Mic King, "Insecurity Guards", and "Don't Get Caught" all succeed due to wonderful production.

With the beat on "Let My Nuts Swang" being the only notable misstep on the album, Glory Days ends up being an extremely impressive debut. Awar provides clever lyrics, a forceful delivery, and solid conceptual material, making Glory Days one of the year's most slept on LP's.

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