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The old saying goes, "Two heads are better than one." But for the Beatmonstas, why stop at two? Consisting of Phashara, Noble Dru, Nipples Tha Pimp, Diamond Back, Aum Mu Ra and DJ Sean Doe, the Beatmonstas is a massive crew of talented emcees and producers. Hailing from the windy city, the crew's debut album - The 3rd Weapon - delivers a vintage boom bap style that is sorely missed in today's Hip-Hop game.

While it may take you awhile to get familiar with each emcee on the album - as you definitely need your linear notes handy throughout - your patience with The 3rd Weapon will pay off. With a variety of strong beats, the production provides the necessary backbone for the album. A prime example is the stunning piano loop of "Paradise," which the Beatmonstas ride perfectly to spit their pimp games to the perfect woman of their dreams. Also outstanding is "Tha Warning," as the crew constructs a vicious beat and a golden hook that will stay permanently burned into your brain for days. "Four Four" follows this same formula, as the crew offers a mixture of vivid street tales. Additionally, the Chi-Town anthem of "5th City" finds 211 ferociously spitting over Phashara's roadrunner beat.

Even though The 3rd Weapon is a cohesive and consistent release, there are a few missteps to be found. While lyrically solid, the irritating and overbearing vocal sample of "La, La, La" overshadows Phashara's effort. In addition, the spacey production on "Class Division" fails to hit home, leaving each emcee unable to recover over such a kooky backdrop. Nevertheless, the Beatmonstas offer an impressive debut that highlights their skills behind the boards. Chicago should be proud.

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