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In 2003, the world witnessed a remixing rampage through Jay-Z releasing an acappella version of "The Black Album." Producers, fans and anyone who had the opportunity to try their hand at creating a remix for their favourite track, did. Some became notorious for what they'd done, others went beneath the radar. One of those that succeeded was Dangermouse, being noted and legally obstructed by remixing the LP using beats taken from Beatles material. DJ Cappel & Smitty, ignoring what EMI tried to do to Dangermouse, carefully pieced together a nice little remix album combining two late iconic figures; the Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra.

The secret to a great remix is meshing the pace of the rapped performance, and the beat/sample behind it. Many a time, DJ's and producers seem to just think slight synchronization is enough. It isn't. Thankfully, Cappel & Smitty put together a remix album worth your money.

Beginning with the combination of "Juicy" and "New York, New York," we're brought to understand this won't be your typical feeling release. The duo managed to find the perfect songs to couple with one another. It appears that they examined both artist's catalogues very carefully as the combination seem like they were recorded as if the remix were the original. Sinatra gets brilliant excerpts of his placed in between Biggie verses.

The choices are at their best with "Come On" (above Sinatra's "My Way Of Life") and "Dead Wrong" (above Nancy Sinatra's "In My Room"). The latter features a very bold and elaborate beat. It's powerful, and aids Biggie's verses to a tee.

"10 Crack Commandments" takes on a much more profound feel by being slapped above "Fools Rush In." The otherwise sinister feeling track has a completely different light provided for it. "Unfoolish" also works nicely, being brought into much more charming tone.

All in all, "Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy" is a great little remix album which is worth your time. The short length of the release leaves you in awe, but not bored. Devoid of filler, this remix album is quite worthwhile.

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