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written by Low Key   
Besides Eminem, Bizarre is the only recognizable member of D-12. But then again, how can you mistake a 300-pound guy in a shower cap? But even though the entire world is familiar with Bizarre, its because of the wrong reasons. Instead of gaining recognition for his talent or songs, people mainly know Bizarre because he says the stupidest shit. Need proof? "Talking nasty shit/Bizarre won't stop I fuck two twins, with a midget on top (yeah!)/A sick mind, raping an old lady." Now with his sophomore release, Hanni Cap Circus, you are allowed to enter Bizarre's world of sex, drugs, murder, rape, incest and crime once again.

On "Fuck Your Life," we find Bizarre in vintage form - fucked up. Over Mr. Porters' irritating synth keys and a lifeless guitar riff, the track delivers exactly what you would expect from Biz with lines like, "Eat a bitches ass, it tastes like a butter finger." Bizarre's antics continue on "Let The Record Skip," which highlights his simplistic rhyme patterns, and the corny love tales of "I'm In Luv Witchu," as Hi-Tek provides a throwaway beat. Even the legendary Erick Sermon drops by for an unbearable remake of Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day," on "Bad Day."

All jokes aside, Hanni Cap Circus does attempt to sway away from Bizarre's usual antics. It is only on these attempts where the listener can really appreciate the talent that Bizarre actually has. Yes, Bizarre can make good music. When he leaves the gimmicks alone and opens up, its hard not to appreciate songs like "One Chance," where Biz humbly tells his life story. On the DJ Hi-Tek produced "Hip Hop," Biz makes a decent dedication to the love of his life. Eminem also drops by for a decent 16, even though his thug persona needs to be retired. (Stop talking about shooting people Marshall!)

In the end, you either love or hate Bizarre. Some understand his style and can stomach the gimmick. Others, however, wish Biz would open up a little more and act - can I say - "normal." Nevertheless, Hanni Cap Circus suffers from more than Bizarre's gimmicks. The production is poor, mainly due to Mr. Porter, who is known for cooking up nothing but filler material. With better beat selection, Hanni Cap Circus might have turned out different. For now, let's hope Bizarre drops the gimmick, because its getting real old, real fast.

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