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written by Low Key   
Waxwerkz 11701 Presents Brooklyn’s Finest is another mixtape by Long Island producer BP and his partner in crime, DJ Stitches. The mixtape combines BP's production with the best Jay-z and Notorious B.I.G. verses. As any producer or DJ knows, putting together a mixtape like this is never an easy task. Trying to combine various Jay and Biggie verses and produce around them is a daunting task. This is evident in the outcome, as the mixtape shows glimpses of greatness, but also some inconsistent efforts.

What Brooklyn’s Finest does best is provide rich and compelling beats by BP. "This Is Your Life" is a dope concept, taking introspective hustler tales from the Brooklyn duo, while BP provides a clever vocal sample for the hook. The eerie "What I Do" is another stellar BP beat, as he cooks up an ill Alchemist inspired piano loop. Similarly, "Reppin' BK" features more mesmerizing keys and a well-constructed hook. However, the mixtape falters on efforts such as "Clearer Moment," which is due to the awkward and irritating beat. Another disappointment - "Real Niggaz" - suffers from an offbeat Jay-z verse, as well as a poor hook selection. In addition, Biggie's first verse on "Still Victorious" is badly echoed, and the beat to "10 Commandments" fails to capture the gritty essence of Big's classic verse.

While Brooklyn’s Finest has its standout moments, it's not without its flaws. Nevertheless, there is no questioning BP's talent behind the boards. But in the end, Brooklyn’s Finest fails to compare to BP and Stitches Nas mixtape (One Mic: The Lost Sessions), which truly shows their potential.

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