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written by Low Key   
MVRemix.com readers may remember producer BP from his 2003 debut album The Usual Suspects, which was hailed as the best independent release of the year on this very site. While its been awhile since we have last heard from the Long Island native, BP is back with some help from DJ Stitches for a new Nas mixtape titled One Mic: The Lost Sessions. The mixtape finds BP cooking up original beats to some of Nas' best songs. While the concept has been done before, BP and Stitches do a good job at capturing the essence of each Nas track.

This is evident on the mixtape favorite "Salute The General," as BP laces the track with an arrangement of sparkling keys and a face melting guitar riff. "The Hatred" takes Nas' verses from "Hate Me Now," while BP adds a hypnotizing vocal chant to the backdrop, which thankfully helps preserve the essence of the original. Additionally, "Street Dreams Remix" succeeds due to an ingenious vocal sample.

There are only a couple of tracks which fail to hit the mark and sound misplaced. Nas' slowed down vocals on "Ether" comes off extremely awkward, while "Blaze A 50 Sack" and "The Argument" are both average attempts that dont blend well. Nevertheless, The Lost Sessions mixtape is more proof that BP is a good producer. Hopefully, we will continue to hear more material from him in 2006.

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