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written by James Johnson   
The members of Bone Thugs N Harmony have been busy this year, working hard at re-establishing the star power they once held. That task has not been easy, due greatly in part to their recent resizing to three. Nevertheless, they are moving forward along that bumpy road with great confidence that they can fully redeem themselves.

Their latest stab at grabbing a handful of today’s hip-hop fans comes in the form of a Chopped & Screwed double LP, a greatest hits album with songs spanning their 12-year career, all chopped and screwed by Michael "5000" Wats of Swishahouse.

Made famous initially by now deceased Houston legend DJ Screw, the style has grown tremendously throughout the years. With “Chopped & Screwed” albums growing increasingly popular, I’m sure they looked at using it as a way to revitalize their careers with today’s teenage generation, while remaining current. I’ll go so far as to admit that I was rather eager to hear how their own style would come off, meshed together with that of many of today’s southern rappers.

Listening to the remixed material, in my mind, only proves my theory, which is that their style is not meant to be chopped and/or screwed. Doing their music in this form somewhat defeats their purpose. They have always been known, not only for their powerful lyrics, but their ability to harmonize their tongue-twisting flows, so it definitely sounds crazy to hear their music and vocals slowed down to a drawl. I believe it was ultimately a bad decision on someone’s end. It may sound silly, but they could have just rapped slower to begin with, and it probably would have sounded much better.

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