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written by Low Key   
Casual has been on the cutting edge of underground Hip-Hop for over 10 years. Unfortunately, the masses have never taken notice. Does Casual care? Hell no! This is evident once again on his uncompromising fourth solo album Smash Rockwell. Cas' creativity especially shines on "Styles" and "Rap Game" - emcees pay attention and take notes. However, the production on Smash Rockwell isn't as fulfilling as his previous work. The head scratching production on "I'll Hit That" - (is that a damn Kazoo?) - and "In The Whip" are prime examples of experimental beats gone terribly wrong. Regardless, Smash Rockwell still hits hard and caters to its intended audience well. The production could have been better, but who really listens to a Casual album for beats anyway?

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