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by Low Key   
While C-Murder is not the first emcee to release an album while being incarcerated, unlike those that have come before him, C recorded his entire vocals for The Truest Shit I Ever Said over the phone. As expected, C-Murder's verses end up lacking the necessary clarity. In addition, the production on the album does little to help C's cause, making for a disappointing release.

If C-Murder had recorded The Truest Shit I Ever Said before he went to jail, this album would have been significantly better. But you can hardly blame C for the album's lack of cohesion or quality beats. C-Murder delivers a gritty performance on the album, channeling his pain and frustration into every song. The album's lead single "Yall Heard Of Me" finds C and BG of Cash Money fame blending perfectly over producer Howard M's haunting operatic influenced beat. KLC of Beats By The Pound rekindles that vintage No Limit vibe with his simple keys and bounding bass on "My Life". C vehemently addresses those that have switched sides on him since his imprisonment. It is this raw emotion and pain that allows the listener to really connect with what C is going through in jail.

While a few other attempts such as "Stressin" and "Betta Watch Me" offer similar glimpses, the majority of The Truest Shit I Ever Said is plagued by disappointing production. Dani Kartel's spicy Cajun keys on "Hustla's Wife" fail to mix with C's syrupy flow and vocals. Producer XL's old school synthesizer beat on "Back Up" is a simplistic and bland effort that endlessly drags on. Similarly, Carlos Stephen's plotting keys and light handclaps fail to deliver the necessary emotion for C's vocals on "Mama How You Figure".

The producers gathered for The Truest Shit I Ever Said were in a precarious position. They had to somehow make C's phone recorded vocals come to life and unfortunately only a couple of producers were able to come through in the clutch. Still, you cannot fault C-Murder, as he tried his best to deliver an album his fans would appreciate.

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