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written by Low Key   
You have to feel for Consequence. The Queens native was once destined to be the next big thing in Hip Hop after his impressive performance on A Tribe Called Quest's slept on album Beats, Rhymes & Life. But due to label politics and friction within the Tribe, Consequence fell victim to the infamous industry rule number 4080. Thankfully, Con was able to rebound and get his career back on track with the help of Kanye West. Now looking to build his buzz back up and get ready for his long awaited debut album, Consequence's newest mixtape, A Tribe Called Quence 1995-2004, is intended to brush you up on his history. Unfortunately, the mixtape is merely a collection of Tribe Called Question remixes featuring Quence, which all suffer from lackluster production.

Throughout the mixtape, Consequence provides his usual slick delivery and razor sharp lyrics. However, the various producers handling the remixes fail to provide the necessary heat needed for Quence and ATCQ to shine. This is seen on Beast At Large and Matt Fingaz' lifeless remixes of "Motivators" and "The Jam," which fail to incorporate the same essence of the originals. 9th Wonder's predictable production also ruins the "Word Play Remix," as 9th's weak drums need to see some improvement. In addition, things only get worse on the unbearable "Weekendz Remix" by Chopz.

Thankfully, the production picks up towards the of the album, as Quence's solo joints satisfy immensely. Cons anti-snitching campaign on "Niggaz Get Knocked," features a brutally aggressive beat by Moss and Mr. Attic, making for vintage Consequence. Along with Kanye West, "Electric" remakes the Tribe's classic joint "Electric Relaxation," which stays true to the vibe of the original And for those wanting to hear Quence bring it on the freestyle tip, "The Bidding War" finds Quence as hungry as ever.

You can't really blame Consequence for A Tribe Called Quence ending up disappointing. Its a shame that the production on the ATCQ remakes fails to hit the mark, but Consequence still manages to shine with each of his verses. While the mixtape doesn't pack any replay value, at least it's good to hear from Consequence after being away from the game for so long.

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