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written by Low Key   
Every artist has a story and producer Copperpot is no different. At the age of 18, Copperpot grew tired of his surroundings and yearned for more exciting days. With adventure on his mind, he left home to travel Europe with nothing but a change of clothes, a plane ticket and some shiny new credit cards. While indulging in Europe, Copperpot started collecting records and as they say, the rest is history. Soon he became one of Chicago's finest up and coming producers due to his unique style. Now after years in the making Copperpot's dream is finally coming true with his debut album Chapter 7.

With a nice assortment of newcomers and Hip Hop heavyweights appearing on the album, Chapter 7 is certainly an intriguing LP. Any lineup consisting of Edo. G, PaceWon, Iomos Marad and Mr. Complex is sure to get the attention of underground heads. However, as history as shown us, guest appearances do not make an album, it is the music itself. Therefore, it is up to Copperpot to hold his own with such Hip Hop veterans and unfortunately, things do not go as smooth as expected.

With such a unique and awkward production style, most of the collaborations on Chapter 7 fail to provide the necessary chemistry needed for success. The legendary Edo. G seems completely misplaced over Copperpot's lighthearted keys and inept drums on "Take N Over". Similarly, PaceWon and Profound fail to mesh with Copperpot's choppy and clumsy production effort on "It's A Rap". Even Iomos Marad falters with "It's Evident", as Iomos' speedy flow sounds off beat over Pot's lush piano keys.

However, not all is lost on Chapter 7, as there are some slightly redeeming efforts. Mr. Complex's "To Die For" is your typical dedication to the Hip Hop culture that succeeds due to Complex's harmonized hook and Coppertop's precise scratching. One of the album's finest production efforts can be seen on Braintax's "Out The Bunker", which features a fitting vocal sample and sporadic string plucks. The London based emcee Braintax is not to be overlooked though, as he delivers one of the better performances on the album. In addition, "Mflue" featuring Profound and Bamski is another noteworthy effort, thanks to Copperpot's eerie piano loop.

Chapter 7 is proof not every emcee is meant to rock on a Copperpot beat. While some artists are able to blend in perfectly, others sound completely misplaced. Copperpot is definitely a producer with talent, and his unique style is a breath of fresh air in this day and age of beat making. However, he needs to gather the right assortment of emcees that fit his style if he truly wants to shine with his future albums.

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