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written by Low Key   
I may not be an expert on crunk music, but I certainly know it when I hear it. Therefore, it is hard to convince me that Chingy, Lil' Flip, Nelly, Khia and Jacki-o should belong on TVT Records' latest compilation, Crunk Hits. The compilation - more or less -tries to capitalize off the South's hottest artists from the past two years instead of staying true to the essence of crunk music. Jacki-o's "Nookie," Khia's atrocious "My Neck, My Back," Lil' Flip's "Game Over," Chingy's "Right Thurr," and Nelly's "Na-Nana-Na" are NOT crunk songs - I'm sorry. Thankfully, the album does redeem itself with some Lil' Jon (Get Low), Ying Yang Twins (Salt Shaker) and YoungBloodz (Damn!), among other tracks. Even though Crunk Hits is packed with big names, you are better off making your own crunk compilation that more accurately depicts the culture.

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