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written by Low Key   
Nottz is the latest production sensation emerging from Virginia. His organic and original beats are packed with throbbing basslines, rich and funky texture, and live instruments. Unlike most producers, Nottz is an individual you cannot throw in a box. His production sounds are always changing, making him extremely versatile in a fickle industry that demands it.

While Nottz has produced memorable tracks for the likes of G-Unit, Busta Rhymes, and Royce 5'9, his main focus is geared towards his group, DMP. Consisting of Black N Deckah, Big Shot, Star, and Killa Khi, the group has made some noise in the underground scene due to their affiliation with Nottz. Their latest mixtape on Fast Life Music is intended to build up some modest hype for the group's full-length release this summer. However, the mixtape does more to showcase Nottz's skills than DMP's, as the group falters throughout the album.

While only a mixtape, the DMP crew fails to show any creative flare or solid song making ability on the album. In addition, each emcee fails to distinguish themselves, as they more or less fall out of the picture when rocking over Nottz's production. This is seen on "Call The Ambulance", as Nottz's choppy but captivating drums will immediately grab you.

The combination of a mesmerizing vocal sample, light keys, and funky guitar riff on "Born & Raised In The Ghetto" is the album's best song. Each emcee, while indistinguishable, brings an intense presence and energy to the track. Still, it is hard to overlook the crew's lack of lyrical talent with lines such as "You garbage nigga, so sit on the curb", as seen on "Get Live". Other songs such as "Cold", the hypnotic flutes of "Hear Me Knockin", and "Don't Wanna Give That Up", are more standout efforts beat wise, but fail to offer anything else.

DMP is not a terrible group, but on their new mixtape they lack the necessary focus and direction. The foursome spits ferociously on each track, bringing a furious M.O.P. like energy. However, in the end the group leaves you with little to crew on. With Nottz solidifying himself as one of the game's most creative producers, DMP just needs to focus and come up with some conceptual material that will help them prove to the industry that they are much more than forgettable sidekicks.

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