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Straight to video/DVD releases are always hit and miss. The factors behind why they're not being officially released can range immensely; in this case it's due to the movie being a complete catastrophe.

Lawrence Page's "Blood Of A Champion," which he wrote, produced and directed is nothing short of atrocious. The film, shot in digital and produced by none other than The RZA revolves around Shadow (Bokeem Woodbine) who, once being released from prison is unsure how to re-adjust to society after ten years behind bars. His wife Sharon (Deborah Cox), who had supported him throughout his incarcerated years, tries to help him out with a job, but Shadow (a boxer before and after prison) can't adjust. He becomes involved in pseudo-Fight club fights and his life re-enters its troubled path.

The digital medium is reliant upon great acting and a strong storyline. Littered with bad dialogue, clichs and poor performances fail to help the exaggerated plot points or mind-blowingly implausible scenes. The sets are either too perfect, or too bleak and organized, and consistency in shots isn't maintained. Either there wasn't enough footage shot or Eric Kissack shouldn't be allowed to edit films.

Odd RZA promotion is threaded by Shadow wearing a RZA shirt while working out, and Sharon using the idea that in order to sell cereal to today's suburban youth, Hip Hop should be utilized. A cheap and extremely comedic (though intentionally serious) commercial to advertise "Crunch Crunch" is pitched with the idea of having Bow Wow rap to the kids over a RZA beat to sell to today's kids. The box of cereal even looks like it was neglected; this production couldn't even assemble a convincing box?

The fights, when Bokeem tries to get back on his feet are also poorly choreographed and even worse acted. Some blows fail to connect and the audio sample on each hit seems the same, as well as inserted above the image, rather than actually a part of what's going on.

Generic gangster characters and awesomely stupid scenes make the film worth watching though, oddly enough. A perfect example involves Shadow being asked how he and Sharon met; Shadow proceeds to move off the subject and tell (through us being shown) a long winded tale of him discovering Sharon after being brutally raped, taking her to a hospital, dismissing officers trying to find the suspect, her "haphazardly" explaining what happened and who was responsible whilst saying "Please don't do anything." Then, Shadow going to the culprits home and killing him along with a couple of other men before slipping back into the scene acting as if the story he'd just told made perfect sense to divulge over a whimsical, light-hearted lunch.

I've seen more professional student films. George T. Odom is the only small saving grace in turning this movie into something somewhat credible. Though lines of his dialogue are nothing short of idiotic (due to plot points), he seems sincere and actually like he's not acting in a bad movie.

I'm sure RZA, Lawrence Page and the others involved had a laugh at this film after seeing it. This is definitely a waste of your time, but maybe you'll enjoy the wasting.

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