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written by DJ Ty    
What will it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul” Jesus [Matthew 16:26]

In the restricted world of journalism, this is where the editor (my boss) and the journalist, (myself) might butt heads. It is the editor’s job to either print or delete any material that maybe damaging or even jeopardize the publication and it’s the writer’s occupation to communicate his/her perspective of a result. It’s possible that this review won’t see the light of day; but here it is.

After Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, The NAACP, Rosa Parks, Al Sharpton and countless other civil right activists have either risks or given their lives for the emancipation and self actualization of Afro-Americans in America, along comes the third installment of the multimillion selling DVD series, ”Ghetto Fights”. What could the producers, Fall Thru Entertainment (who never include their real names or any alias for that matter on their official site or any PR material), include different in this feces then the previous two loads? Absolutely nothing; except another 60 minutes plus of young Black people and some Hispanics, (who, by the way, were seduced by the $1000 payout from the producers) brutally demonstrating how much they hate themselves before a live camcorder.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there, the company’s website (which I refuse to name and give exposure to) has over 10 more DVD’s (including “Cat fights”, where women of color beat the be Jesus’ out of each other) of Blacks behaving like the very thing they call themselves, but have a paroxysm (fit) when other groups call them by it, only spelled and defined correctly; niggers.

The very fact that millions of people are shelling out hard earned cash to gaze at people of color literally beating each other’s brains out, says a lot about how violent and desensitized to violence our culture has become. Is 15 minutes of fame and $1000 really worth getting your teeth kicked in for a CEO who is generating millions off of your lack, lives in a neighborhood you would not dare enter, and care absolutely nothing about you? Now, we have over 600 minutes of just what the world needs to see more of, “Ghetto fights”.

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