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If there’s one thing The Diplomats, and in particular Cam’ron know how to do; it’s make money. Churning out mixtape after mixtape, recruiting affiliates from around the globe, opening/owning Laundromats and liquor brands – the ensemble know how to keep their money rolling. And so, “Killa Season” is their next step in making their balances increase.

Rumored to be ten parts, and along with this particular film’s open ending – I’m certain “Killa Season” will have a follow up, sadly. Killa Cam both wrote and directed the film, not necessarily to his credit.

The two hour plus project waivers in it’s inconsistencies of being interpreted as a film, a bio-pic, a music video or simply a confused effort. We begin with Cam talking about his past and how he could have been a pro basketball player had fate taken a different turn, and we’re lead to believe that the following scenes will prove to be entertaining. But alas, this is not the case.

“Killa Season” revolves around Cam getting into the drug business and his life as a result. Although the rap world is alluded to as well, as every now and again Cam bursts out into song and we’re brought into a pseudo-music video.

As Cam (known in the film as “Flea”) makes his moves, we see mishaps with little girls, toddlers talkin’ back and women playing “drug mules,” squatting to drop out cocaine pellets. Though at times this is quite humorous, scenes go on too long and feel forced/cheap. The acting (apart from Michael K. Williams’s cameo) isn’t worth commenting upon. Hell Rell, Juelz Santana and Cam all play their roles to an average standard, but the overall piece feels like the typical play by numbers straight-to-DVD fashion.

From a technical standpoint, “Killa Season” has its moments, but more so it showcases flaws in the film’s making. Moments in the sound quality are so bad that subtitles have to be put in place for the audio to be deciphered, and odd transitional sequences whereby Cam’s childhood friend turned college attendant tries to get off of crack, plus shots of a white BMW with a grey boom mic visible prove that the project was rushed.

Unfortunately, people will take from this review the idea to actually watch “Killa Season” themselves, either through renting or purchasing it. Please don’t! It would be a complete waste of your time.

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