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Every real music fan remembers the era which drove them towards a genre. A time where they knew everything that was going on; who slept with who, which problems there were between him and him and so forth. You had your favourite artist's lyrics memorized to nearly every song, and you'd have given anything to see them live. Times aren’t quite the same.

Tupac's success as every one knows was soaring as 1996 moved along; he had controversial interviews in the biggest magazines, great sales for "All Eyez On Me" and prior to his untimely death, everything was at fever pitch. Witnessing a concert like this is phenomenal to anyone who was up on the situations of the moment. Following his reputation, Tupac had no reservations about calling out his enemies on stage. Over the "If I Ruled The World" beat, after ad-libbing an interlude towards Nas and Mobb Deep, "freestyled" a diss track. He later performed "Hit 'Em Up" and took shots at Bad Boy and Biggie while he paced the stage.

'Pac's live presence was magnificent, a show like this is a once in a lifetime event. For certain, everybody in attendance left the night feeling they received their money's worth. Throughout his well structured set alongside Tha Outlawz, Tupac performed a great mesh of commercial hits and praised, but not commercially marketed songs. Towards the end of the set K-Ci and Jojo were brought out to perform an acappella and "How Do You Want It," pleasing the audience's females tenfold.

Snoop, Daz and Kurupt follow to perform their biggest hits of the time. Tracks from "Doggystyle" and "Dogg Food" got their fair share of crowd participation, with Nate Dogg coming out to accompany the clique. I was surprised though that he hadn't entered out earlier to perform with 'Pac on "All About U."

Tupac's West Coast promotion is shown appearing sad and compelling; as we're able to view him air his thoughts on East Coast artists. The determination in his words made him both someone to look up to and arguably fear. But you find that you can't take your eyes off of him as he speaks.

The concert closes with Tupac returning to the stage to perform "2 Of Americaz Most Wanted" alongside Snoop. The magical close feels like something I'd read, but to experience it through viewing this brought to life memories most of us only managed to read.

Under the “Bonus Feature” heading are several Tupac including "Hit 'Em Up" and the "California Love (Remix)," which I much prefer to the original.

As someone who has had the poor privilege of witnessing a lot of DVD concerts, this one stands out. Witnessing Tupac's energy in his prime, alongside Death Row's finest when they were at their strongest is a priceless experience. The DVD is well worth purchasing, especially if you're a fan of that era in time.

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