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written by Jesse Gissen   
Fuck A Mixtape! is BlesteNation’s debut venture into hip hop’s current mixtape craze. Unlike most sloppily thrown together mixtapes, found littering Fulton Mall and Canal Street, Fuck a Mix is refreshingly more of a concise album than simply a showcase of local emcees testing their skills over already established instrumentals. There are no annoying DJ voice-overs here (WWHHHHHAAAAATTT). Fuck a Mix, as the title and pornographic cover art suggest, is on some real rebellious, punk rock, “we don’t give a shit” type ish.

BlesteNation, consisting of rappers Various and Werdplay, and DJ/producer Fafu, arrange the cd so that the listener gets a proper introduction to their unique style. They offer a handful of solo tracks, and some original production. Werdplay, the comedic bully of the two, has numerous hysterical onslaughts. He is at his best when making his own brand of scumbag remixes of popular tunes, like taking Sean Paul’s dancehall hit “Get Busy” and turning it into “Git (AIDS) Busy”: “we gon get busy/even though you know I gotta fuckin STD…the track burning like my full on erection be” or like when he raps over JLo and LL’s sappy pop love song “All I Have” and transforms it into a drug ballad, “Excstacy is all I have/ I’m already happy man/ Shit I want some acid man/ My connection won’t call me back, it’s too bad/be easy don’t make the situation bad.” Various, who also partakes in this Weid Al technique at certain points, is most successful when he transforms other rappers beats into his own vehicle (“and the penmanship’s script, for your benefit/gentleman”).

Both rappers are undoubtedly similar in their obnoxiousness low-life personas, (a staple in rap music a la Slim Shady), and disturbing sense of humor, but their lyrical approach differs. Where Werds shocks you in his more aggressive verbal attacks - “Steppin all over your escalade like it was an escalator”- Vary is more laid back and poetic in his delivery, causing you to pay more attention to what he is saying - “We ain’t goin’ nowhere like a paralyzed, procrastinating, pothead waiting for delivery, under sedation.” This difference in approach balances their sound.

Fuck A Mixtape! is a real consistent release, equally satisfying the ignorant thugs and oversized headphone crowd. The only problem is there are not enough original tracks, leaving the listener less acquainted with Fafu’s skills behind the boards. This is a shame because the man has worked with everyone from Puffy (who makes a hysterical guest appearance) to Prince. Regardless, Bleste has the right idea, fuck those other mixtapes man, and get with this.

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