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What shocks me about this world is its injustice, in every aspect. But in this case, it's with music. An emcee with a rough voice, but little talent who comes from Compton somehow manages to become the biggest thing since 50 Cent? Unfortunately, that's the case with Game. At best, Game's barely an average emcee.

For some reason, Game chooses to reference popular musicians excessively upon every track on "The Documentary." Dr. Dre, his G-Unit affiliates, Eazy E, Tupac, Biggie and Compton are referenced more times than are worth counting - on every track! To say it becomes annoying would be an understatement.

"The Documentary" only really excels with three tracks and its production. "Dreams," produced by Kanye West is one of the album's highlights. The sample featured on the beat is used a la Cam'ron with "Oh Boy," Game rhymes and goes back and forth using the sample and stating "Dream" himself. His references are odd at times, and somewhat unsubstantiated, "Feeling like Pac after the Snoop Dogg trial was done / Dre behind that G series and All Eyez On Me." Didn't Tupac have a strong problem with Dre?

The other gems are "Hate It Or Love It" featuring 50 Cent and the hit single "How We Do," also featuring 50. 50 steals the show on both tracks, especially "Hate It Or Love It." He utilizes the Cool & Dre beat to perfection "Daddy ain't around / Probably out committing felonies / My favorite rapper used to sing check-check out my melody."

The problem with the documentary, aside from Game are his guests. Tony Yayo doesn't belong anywhere near a microphone, and Eminem has officially lost it. "We Ain't" showcases how Eminem is simply babbling bullshit these days.

"Put You On The Game" would be a brilliant track if Timbaland shut up and Game didn't perform. The Timbaland beat is great, but it features Game and Timbaland ruining the hook/ad-libbing.

The only insight into potential Game talent is ruined by Marsha (Floetry). The Dr. Dre and Scott Storch produced track sees Game seem somewhat depressed and sincere. But, the melodramatic ruins what little value hinted at.

"The Documentary" is a prime example of how well certain producers can assemble beats. Game is destined for success, but it's not deserved. G-Unit would be a lot stronger if they would just keep the likes of Game and Yayo off of their records.

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