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I remember when the controversy began with this trio. A group who saw fit to picture Bushwick Bill's eyeball orifice after he decided to... I don't know. The stories change. Apparently his then girlfriend shot it out for him when she was drunk or something. But that wasn't what really made the sparks begin to fly. I believe it had something to do with the fact that as CDs were being created, the Geto Boys' profane material wasn't allowed distribution on the then up and coming medium. Needless to say, the controversy spurred them on to gold and platinum success without radio airplay or a video.

Beginning with the bold "Declaration of War," we enter the outskirts of the old Geto Boys rugged material. "G Code," "When It Get Gangsta" and "We Boogie" are the expected "gangsta" gems. "G Code" works especially well. The track details "street etiquette," with Scarface crooning over the hook "We don't talk to police! We don't make a peace bond / We don't trust in the judicial system, we shoot guns / We rely on the streets dog / We do battle in the hood / I was born with the G Code embedded in my blood."

The general vibe on the album seems more introspective than cold hearted. "Dirty Bitch," though not so well implied by the title is more of a bitterly disappointed concept track. It's not on the level of "I'm Not A Gentleman," but the feeling of sincerity behind Bill's frustration is captivating. "Nothing 2 Show" is Willie D's solo effort at being introspective. It doesn't compare to Bill's, but is an interesting tale never the less. However, the best attempt at depth comes in the form of "I Tried," in which all three emcees talk about the reality of facing the fact that even if you don't succeed, trying is important.

With many southern rappers claiming to be the kings of the south, there seems some arrogance and ignorance with their overlooking of the Geto Boys. The Boys are as fresh as they ever were, proving that guest appearances (the album doesn't feature any) aren't always necessary and it isn't the quantity of tracks (the album is beneath an hour in length), but their quality. "The Foundation" solidifies a worthwhile return.

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