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One thing that Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has proven is that he can capitalize on things; his autobiography, video games, clothing and now movie. The funny thing is though, if you've seen "Get Rich or Die Trying," like many have already said, it appears to be a two hour soundtrack promo. The film doesn't compare to the director's other work and the film overall is a disappointment.

With that said, the soundtrack isn't as bad. Surprisingly the album consists only of G-Unit. 50 didn't obtain or add anything from his big named mentors; nothing from Eminem or Dre.

Curtis is present on all but two of the album's songs. Lloyd Banks' "Get Low" and Yayo's "Fake Love," are the only times you won't find him. Yayo's effort is as expected, nothing special, and Banks' isn't that great either. However, Lloyd Banks' "Born Alone, Die Alone" and "You Already Know" are amongst the albums highlights. The latter especially.

Helping bring forth more exposure to his roster and newly signed artists, 50 collaborates twice with Mobb Deep on "Have A Party" and "You A Shooter." Both tracks are horrible, nothing like the signature sound we're used to from Havoc and Prodigy. M.O.P.'s "When Death Becomes You" is just as atrocious, the style seems to a degree characteristic of M.O.P., but the addition of 50 and a lackluster beat do little to move the song into something worthwhile.

"I Don't Know Officer" alongside Ma$e and Spider Loc is an interesting little joint, but far from what it could have been. Surprisingly, Spider Loc's "Things Change" presents a cool new sound for 50 and Lloyd Banks to participate within, overall the song's quite impressive and stands out.

Aside from the brilliant "I'll Whip Ya Head Boy" featuring Young Buck and "Hustler's Ambition," 50's tracks are lukewarm in comparison to what we've seen from him. Overall the soundtrack has little replay value.

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