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written by Low Key   
"You speak a good game, but you sound all the same." Infinito 2017 is different. No, not Andre 3000 different, but in the sense that Infinito pushes to uplift his people and the Hip Hop culture - unlike most artists these days. Infinito speaks with a refreshing passion that instantly draws you to his music. No - he's not the flashiest emcee and he won't amaze you with his flow or wordplay, but its the message behind the music that stands out. This holds true on the Chicago emcee's latest album Roddny Dangrr Fild - Tragedy In Bar Sequences.

Throughout the album, Infinito succeeds in delivering poignant songs touching on various social and political issues. Over Memo's (of the Molemen) gorgeous piano loop on "Study Guide Page 3," Infinito delves into the destruction of his community, asking, "What lie do you live, what do you need the most/To do more wrong and kill my black folks." With "This Black Girl Bad," Infinito tells the story of a girl named Latisha, who struggles to find herself. And on "I.K.E. Turner," Infinito tells all the money hungry woman who he is by proclaiming, "I can't pay your way or make it easy for you to live/No apologizes, him I can't be."

With solid production, well-written songs and rich content, Roddny Dangrr Fild is that balanced meal you need in your life. Filled with vitamins and minerals, the album provides a much-needed break from the barrage of junk food thrown in your face everyday. So listen up, because Infinito 2017 is going to feed you that substance you need.

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