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written by Low Key   
So So Def is quickly becoming so so wack. Unless you count Bow Wow, the label has not produced anything noteworthy in over five years. With things not looking any better, Jermaine Dupri decided to get back in the booth and throw his name on a compilation album - P.Diddy style - in order to resuscitate So So Def. Unfortunately, Young Fly & Flashy Vol.1 only digs the label's grave deeper. JD's C-list of rappers fail to make any type of mark on the album, as they all try to rekindle the huge commercial hits of the past, only to no avail.

"I Think They Like Me Remix" is a prime example, as JD tries to cash in off one hit wonders Dem Franchise Boyz. Along with Da Brat, Kid Slim and Bow Wow, the irritating track once again finds Dem Franchise Boyz talking about the only thing they know - white tees. The other group collaboration of "10 Toes," featuring JD, Daz, J-Kwon and Stat Quo, also falters due to lifeless production and a questionable hook. Other unknown artists such as Kato on "So What," KP & Envyi on "Put Cha Hands Up" and Young Capone on "Young, Fly & Flashy" also fail to put forth commercially viable singles.

Unfortunately, it is hard to point out any bright spots on Young, Fly & Flashy Vol.1. It is sad to see So So Def fall this far, but if JD wants to get his label back on track, he is going to have to clean house and find actual talent, instead of dime a dozen rappers trying to cash in off the hot trend of the moment.

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