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written by Low Key   
Josh Martinez makes reality music. While the term has been embraced by artists such as The Infamous Mobb and Screwball for their harsh depictions of the streets, Josh on the other hand, presents a reality that the everyday person can relate to. His latest release Midriff Music, a collaborative album with producer Samix of the Lost & Found Generation, continues this formula for the Vancouver native.

The album's strong points lie within Josh's ability to draw you into his world, which includes everything that the "average" man goes through on a normal basis. "Regular Day" finds Josh analyzing his life in a lighthearted manner, as his introspective rhymes never sound dull or overbearing. Josh continues to touch on a variety of real life issues on "Come And Gone", while Samix's beautiful vocal sample and sparkling keys adds a rich texture of soul and depth to his message. "Tour Is War" touches on the stress of touring, as Josh expresses his love and hate relationship with being on the road. However, the album's most intriguing effort comes from Samix's "Time Alone" instrumental piece. The songs touching and emotional keys, combined with an ingenious vocal sample, really take you into the picture that Samix is painting.

Midriff Music is a well-conceived album from Josh Martinez and Samix. The album is filled with strong beats, well crafted rhymes, and interesting concepts. Midriff Music is ideal for those warm and sunny days when you leave all your worries behind, and in turn just focus on listening to great music.

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