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by Low Key   
You knew it was only a matter of time. With everyone and their mamma doing remix projects these days, you knew J-Zone had to show everybody how to do it right. Gimme Dat Beat Fool is Zone's very own remix project, as he takes a variety of his favorite tracks, old and new, and remixes them to his own unique production. As expected, the album turns out to be an original and entertaining effort.

While it may sound awkward to hear Redman (Saga) or M.O.P. (Famous) rock over a J-Zone beat at first, Zone is able to capture the essence of each track and intertwine it with his own funky twist. The Eazy E and J-Zone collaboration of "Rockaway And Crenshaw" is the albums best effort, as the two pimps show these hoes what's really good. "You be my wife bitch? I'll put a ring around your tub but never one on your finger". (Zone) The intriguing combination of De La Soul and Zone on "On The Grind" is another stellar effort. Zone takes De La's standout title track from The Grind Date, and adds some quirky bells, whistles and choppy keys. Even Project Pat sounds at home with "Bitch Witta Weave", as does Snoop Dogg and Tash with the Cali funk of "Hustlaz Iz Hustlaz".

Gimme Dat Beat Fool is a short but sweet remix project from J-Zone. It's an entertaining album that Zone fans should enjoy. While the concept has been done before, Zone's original production makes it standout from the rest.

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