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written by Sarah Vega  
Keyshia Cole must have gone through some serious relationship problems before making this. Either way, her jilted heart makes for good listening material on her debut album "The Way It Is." Cole brings back what many other "R&B" singers leave behind; soul. She sings with enough grit and evokes enough heartache to make your mother feel it.

Her first single, the Kanye West produced "I Changed My Mind." appeals to all the Jenny & Kim's of the block with the line "What you thinking/ when you see me coming through/ and you see me with a nigga/ on the corner 'till 2."

When Cole has enough of men accusing her of questionable activities, she gets back at them with " I Should Have Cheated," a melodic groove that explains how, well, she should have cheated. When she does decide to turn on the dark side, she explains her side of the story on the "Song Cry" sampled "You've Changed." With all the heartache she endures, she still manages to belt out the sweet tune "Love." With her heart stirring voice, she can convince even the biggest sceptic that love does exist.

However, if it wasn't for Keyshia's voice, this would be your regular, run of the mill, R&B album. With its predictable beats, The Way It Is runs the risk of being very clich. Even though the track "Love" is a gem, its lyric Love never knew what I was missing, but I knew once we start kissing," makes this album a little on the simple side. This may not be a mature album but all is forgiven because of her voice and around the way girl attitude.

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