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written by Erin Hanson   
Soundtracks are an iffy thing. They usually make me cringe before the disc even enters the CD player. I anticipate tired old tracks which, if not cliché and overplayed, just don’t meld together with the rest of the disc.

With a few exceptions, most notably the oh-so-trendy Garden State soundtrack, modern movie soundtracks have ceased to be albums, but mere marketing tools to pitch at the kids who want to prove their devotion to a movie by buying a whole CD for that one good song. However, Lords of Dogtown shows some promise. After all, this movie is based on real events, and the key to recreating an influential era lies in the music. A film based on rebellious teenagers in the late 70’s? Musically, not much can go wrong. Bring on the good tunes.

The Lords of Dogtown soundtrack is exactly what it should be—the kind of disc you can bring to parties, throw on, and leave on. Consisting of mostly classic rock with a hint of metal and mellowing out towards the end-- with this bad boy in the stereo, no one will be jumping up to play DJ.

For those of you fearing the disc is just an old re-hash of songs we’ve heard a million times already, there are some fresh tracks by Social Distortion and Rise Against, keeping the punk spirit of skating alive and well. Balanced out by metal anthem “Ironman,” Hendrix’s frenzied “Fire” and the catchy stoner track “One Way Out” by the Allman Brothers, there is something for everyone. Even Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” fits in perfectly. Don’t deny it—embarrassing as it is, Rod’s classic ’71 hit is always a crowd pleaser.

My only complaint is the seemingly ill-fitting Sparklehorse as the closer to an otherwise rowdy disc. Sparklehorse is known for their quiet brilliance, one of those bands who slip under the radar, yet are mentioned as influencing innumerable musicians and bands. Their rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” might be seen as achingly beautiful, but after following so many legendary ‘70’s acts, it just doesn’t seem right that anyone other than Pink Floyd would do Pink Floyd.

However, you gotta admit—a CD must be pretty darn good when Sparklehorse is the weak point. Overall a solid compilation CD, conveniently arriving just in time for those summer BBQs.

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