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written by Low Key   
Put on your plaid button up shirt, cruddy jeans and furry hat, because T-Mo and Khujo are going to show you how to live like Lumberjacks. That's right people, the two founding members of the Goodie Mob are coming together to show you what real hard work is all about. With Livin’ Life As Lumberjacks, the duo brings that workmanship like hustle to the table once again and delivers a mature and conceptually solid album. Material wise, not much as changed in comparison to a Goodie Mob album. However, the production has taken a couple steps backwards. With Organized Noize only producing four tracks on the album, Khujo and T-Mo's down and dirty efforts are unfortunately hindered by average production.

The blaring horns and quirky synth sounds of "Turn Your Whip" is an awkward commercial attempt by the duo that feels out of place on the album. The track's unoriginal hook by Big Hustle does little to help as well. "Puttin' On2Nite" is another forced club effort that sounds all too commonplace within today's southern sound. Even the duo's message on "Probably Never" gets lost in the track's synthesizer beat and roadrunner speed.

But for the most part Khujo and T-Mo's debut album finds the duo in vintage Goodie Mob mode. Over Organized Noize's plotting keys and guitar riffs, the two deliver one their strongest messages on "Murder Madness Music". "With all the murder and the madness and the mayhem in the music, it's kind of hard to know what's real when it's crowded with illusions. When you looking for a message but you're finding no solutions, for your problems and your questions". On "Black History" Khujo and T-Mo discuss the importance of black history and its absence in our educational systems. And on "Superfriends" and "Gothic Funk" the duo eases up and gives us more classic G-Mob and Organized Noize classics.

Khujo and T-Mo's Livin’ Life As Lumberjacks may not rival the classic Goodie Mobb albums from the past, but it does prove that the duo can survive without Cee-Lo or Big Gip. If Organized Noize would have had a bigger hand in the album's production than the Lumberjacks could have very well had a great album on their hands. Nevertheless, if you have enjoyed listening to the G-Mob deliver strong and socially conscious messages for the past ten years than you should be pleased with Livin’ Life As Lumberjacks.

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