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written by Sarah Vega   
Producers turning into rappers is becoming the norm, making Mannie Fresh’s solo debut “The Mind of Mannie Fresh” something we all expected. Mannie Fresh is the best known for making hot beats for his Cash Money crew, but did not manage to make the same for himself.

The lead single “Real Big” sets the tone for the album’s bling theme over pulsing kicks and synth blasts. Fellow Cash Money members, Baby and Lil Wayne, lend their cartoon-ish voices throughout the CD but Mannie sounds like he is trying way to hard with lines like “Your girl like an addict/cause she really like the pipe.”

This album relies heavily on Mannie’s beats, but after a while the artificial keyboards become repetitious and boring. The tracks “Tell It Like It is” and “Day in the Life” talk about the same old thing that we are all are tired of hearing; bitches, whips and cash. The only track worth mentioning “Nothing Compares To Love” goes over the downside to having to much bling.

All in all, Mannie Fresh should stick to being the successful producer we all know him for and leave the rhyming to his crew.

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