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written by Sarah Vega   
Two years after his success of Biz Markie's "Just a Friend", Mario is back with a more grown up sound. His sophomore album, Turning Point, proves that despite his juvenile success, he can still growing.

On Turning Point, he flexes his deeper, more masculine voice on his money single "Let me Love You" produced by Scott Storch who just came fresh off his summertime success with "Lean Back"

Mario shows how his voice can range and pulls off singing bouncy songs like "Boom" produced Lil Jon and featuring Juvenile to a reggae-like melody like "Girl, I Need." But, there isn't much else to the album. There is the "Let me Love You" remix with its edgier beat and the mature rhymes by Jadakiss and T.I. and the likeable slower song "How Could You."

Even though he is not about to overthrow the current king of R&B Usher out of his title, Mario does make a noteworthy effort to be taken more seriously.

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