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by Diablo   
For almost two decades now, the hip-hop world has been given access to the intricate plans of one MF DOOM, a supervillain who professes to be bent “on world domination.” From the latter 1980’s through the new millennium, MF Doom has created a world of rhyme and image as valid as the iron mask he bears. Practically a mystery in his next move, MF DOOM has the enigmatic allure that makes up Victor Von Doom, a contemporary of his. Their plans are elaborate, planned to every possible extent and variable, and we can only watch(or listen) as they are carried out in silent awe. Well, perhaps this is a uniquely distinct stroke of genius in MF’s master plan, as in his “Live From Planet X,” he offers a retrospective of the prior steps(via his lauded projects “Vaudeville Villain,” “Madvillainy,” “Take Me To Your Leader” under the codename King Geedorah) by opening himself up to his dedicated audience. As some carefully obtained liner notes reveal, in his plans for world domination, his public oratory(we’ll call it live performance for the sake of this plebian article), not to mention recording of them, is a serious rarity. One can only assume this is part of his scheme, but here in 2005, he has a chronicle of his past projects, along with a revue of his newer material. He really first invaded the public eye via a famed cipher with rap group 3rd Bass on their 1989 single, “The Gas Face.”

Making his lineage known through his recitation of past underground rap gems(i.e. “Rhymes Like Dimes”), MF DOOM affirms his highly prized place in the trenches of the rap game. It’s the creativity of such an individual, of so many identities in one, the charisma and energy with which he delivers his lines, and the respect that new, open-minded listeners will really find the appeal of this lush piece of work. In all honesty, this author has no prior experience with DOOM’s work(let alone the master plan of world domination), but it’s with a relative ease buoyed by the curiosity derived from so sharp a character that interest has been gained. Superb breath control, incredible samples(particularly on the intro track “Change the Beat,” with, what else, a variety of beats over which MF rips). For a would-be conqueror of the Earth, he bears a noticeable sense of admiration from how the crowd follows his every word on songs, and seems very humble. It’s interesting to note that Doom shares much in common with another vivid hip-hop persona in Tony Starks, a.k.a. Ghostface Killa, in how he projects his voice(he sounds a bit like as well) and how he’s taken to his alter-ego. Again, if the prospective listener has an open mind and is accepting of markedly creative personas mysterious enamored with this thing called hip-hop music, then a great shine can be taken to MF Doom’s “Live From Planet X.” Needless, it’s a great highlight reel of the laborious and proud steps which DOOM has taken to conquering the underground rap scene.

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