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written by Low Key   
If you thought Necro was sick and demented then wait until you hear The Sexorcist. While Necro has never been for the faint of heart, the 22-track album will be a measuring stick on how much of a perv you are. If you can sit through the entire album and not start to get bored with the repetitive subject matter (just look at the names of each song) then I guarantee you have a large collection of porn and rarely get out. But all jokes aside, there is no questioning Necro's production skills, as he continues to churn out impressive beats album after album. In addition, his flow has continually improved over the years, which is never more evident than on "Who's Ya Daddy." But with an entire album full of nothing but sex, sex and more sex, its not long before silly tracks such as "She's Got A Great Ass," "We Fuck Virgins," "I Remain Stiff" and "I Degrade You" grow tiresome. If you are a diehard Necro fan, you may find some replay value in The Sexorcist, but for the rest of us, the album is just a little too much to handle.

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