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by Low Key   
Are you disappointed with Pete Rock's latest instrumental album, The Surviving Elements? If so, then get your fix with Oddisee's Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1 from Halftooth Records. Oddisee is album to capture the pure essence of the Chocolate Boy Wonder and combine it with his own unique style, making for one of the best instrumental albums of the past year.

While Oddisee may not be a name every Hip Hop head is familiar with, the rising producer has put in an abundant amount of work over the years. He has produced for the likes of Talib Kweli, Little Brother, J-Live, Wordsworth, The UN, and of course, his own Halftooth label mates. The Instrumental Mixtape combines all of his old, new and unreleased beats from over the years.

There are so many dope beats on the Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1; it is tough to choose which ones to talk about. The rolling piano keys and hard-hitting drums of "Rhyme And Reason" is a trip into New York City on a breezy spring day. While "Road Trip" does exactly what is says, it brings the listener on a journey to a different world. Oddisee gets a little edgier with his beat for The UN, "D.O.A.", which features a funky ass vocal sample. "Long Time Coming" also stands out to due its soulful vocal sample, which sounds right out of 9th Wonder's book. (Don't worry; Oddisee's drum pattern is better)

Oddisee's Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1 is vintage walkman music. If you have slept on Oddisee's work the past two years, now is your chance to get caught up. If there was ever a producer that reminded me of Pete Rock it is Oddisee. While it is a lofty claim, listen to the Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1 and tell me I am wrong!

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