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Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, Proe is a young emcee/producer with a distinct style of his own. Trying to place a label on his music is nearly impossible, as Proe combines a mixture of Hip Hop, Rock & R&B. His sophomore release Perfect is a fresh and innovative album that succeeds due to its creativity and conceptual value.

Proe's strong points lie within his forceful and commanding voice, intelligent lyrics, and introspective nature. The standout track "Move" combines these traits, as Proe gets some stress of his chest with his brutally honest rhymes. In addition, his dazzling piano loop provides an emotional and touching backdrop. With his "realistic love story" of "Always Something New", Proe digs through the crates and dusts off some old soul with a creative vocal sample. The song is your average guys love story, something that everyone can relate to. Another example of Proe's creativity behind the boards is "Why Are You Here". Proe mixes a quirky vocal sample, with light horns and blazing keys to form a truly unique effort.

However, while Proe shows flashes of brilliance with his production on Perfect, overall his beat making efforts on the album are inconsistent. While I applaud Proe for taking chances and experimenting, in the end some of his production efforts fail to vibe with each track. The jazzy "Fake Love" is a prime example, as Proe's delivery sounds misplaced on the track's overbearing beat. Proe's screwy keys on "Robot" combines with a choppy beat for an awkward effort that unfortunately overshadows Proe's creativity on the track. "Who The Fuck Is Proe" is also a similar effort, as Proe's erratic production fails to hit home.

Perfect may not fit into today's standard of Hip Hop, but Proe should be commended for his creativity and risk taking. Conceptually the album is extremely strong, as Proe touches on a variety of real life issues that every listener can relate to. The only downfall is the album's inconsistent production. At times Proe's beat making can be too experimental, taking away from the track's message. Nevertheless, if you are yearning to hear some fresh and innovative music, than Proe's Perfect should quench your thirst.

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