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Having releases delayed can do one of two things; it can heighten your anticipation, or, remove it. The duration of the delay is also very relevant. An album that was recorded in 2001 (as stated in the introduction) that manages to see the light of day in 2004, experiences its fair share of obstacles. Such is the case with "Purple Haze."

Dipset have become an unlikely powerhouse with the turn of the century, obtaining unexpected numbers in their audience. The Diplomats have a unique style that literally you either love or loathe. It differs from track to track, but their often straightforward, humorous and sometimes idiotic verses derive reactions of both surprise and disgust.

With "Purple Haze," Cam re-affirms he's the reason The Diplomats have managed to achieve their success. From "Get Down" onwards, the confident emcee delivers verse after verse of witty and childishly catchy lines. His style fits into a niche that not many can pull off. Cam doesn't rap at a tremendous speed, but manages to keep the listener entertained with his rhythm and witty lines.

The album is an diverse mix of typical Cam'ron tracks with unique twists. "Bubble Music," "Killa Cam" and "Soap Opera" all feature Cam performing well over differently toned production. Even "Girls" featuring Mona Lisa has its guilty pleasures, leaving the [straight male] listener questioning how they could be singing alongside that hook.

"Purple Haze" is at its best when Cam and Kanye join forces for "Down And Out." The soulful sample and Kanye's enveloping beat fit perfectly with Cam's remarks. Kanye's back and forth hook also helps take the track further forward.

"Purple Haze" suffers from too many tracks. The length of the album is pleasing to a consumer to see, but it shows quantity rather than quality upon hearing. Though quite good album, the filler lowers its overall worth. "Take 'Em To Church," "Hey Lady" and "Family Ties" are perfect examples of tracks which shouldn't have seen the light of day.

The inclusion of "Adrenaline," which was previously released features Psychoward and Twista performing better than Cam. This was a heavily criticized portion of the album; it doesn't portray Cam in the best light - it is a worthwhile addition. With an album exceeding normal lengths, its inclusion is a plus rather than a minus.

"Purple Haze" does have its drawbacks, but they're outweighed by its features.

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