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by Plus One   
Ludacris is phenomenal, he really is. I've seen him live, I've heard his other releases - the man can fucking flow. His lyrics are always amusing and witty and he knows how to select beats, which is probably why his sales are so high.

As with any Luda album, the "Intro" blows you away. His energy and beat selection tend to lead us into his releases with confidence that we'll be impressed. "Number One Spot" further affirms this as the album continues on, sampling Austin Powers' signature sounds.

The album's subject matter revolves around roughly the same ideology; Ludacris is rich and conceited. Though the title isn't really that reflective of the content, the content is well executed.

"The Red Light District" features a variety of guests, all of which serve their purpose as an addition. Sleepy Brown adds his soulful touch to the weed anthem "Blueberry Yum Yum," Nate Dogg adds himself to "Child Of The Night," and DMX adds a little burst of energy to "Put Your Money" with his rowdy hook.

But, no guest appearance on the album is better than that of DJ Quik on "Spur Of The Moment." The track feels like a Quik joint featuring Ludacris, rather than the reverse. The relaxed stereotypical Quik beat urges you to simply find a way to recline and relax. Quik performs in his typical manner, and Luda fits in nicely with this style.

"Virgo" also made the cut for the album, the track was last heard on Nas' "Streets Disciple." Putting together Nas, Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh was a brilliant idea. Whoever conceived it deserves praise as all three performers create something magical.

There's very little to complain about with this release, aside from the guest performances by the new D.T.P. members Small World and Dolla Boy. Why every rapper needs to include their friends on a track or two baffles me. If they can't rap well, why let them?

In essence, the rich virgo has yet another album worth including in any collection.

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