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written by Low Key   
I was first introduced to Sev Statik in 2002 through his debut LP Speak Life. Sev's strong delivery and conceptual talent immediately grabbed my attention, as did the album's outstanding production. Three years later, The Tunnel Rats and Deep Space 5 crew member is back with his sophomore release Slow Burn. Like his debut, the album successfully delivers the everyday struggles of an underground emcee, as well as life lessons and well conceived conceptual material.

This conceptual brilliance is scattered throughout the album, giving the listener something to crew on at all times. "Keep An Eye Out" finds Sev addressing a variety of important social issues from war to religion. "We got priests violating young boys and stealing faith. Scared for life, now they can't trust the god they face". In addition, producer Gershom laces the track with sparkling keys that add a sensual aura to the track. Production wise, "Son Come Down" also impresses, as Joey Beats provides a hypnotic vocal sample, while DJ Majic cuts up the track's hook.

On the standout song "Line Life", Sev professes his love for his craft of writing rhymes and pouring his heart out on paper. However, one of the strongest messages on the album comes from Sev's second verse on "Wasted Tears". Over a gorgeous vocal sample, Sev breaks down the struggle of being an independent artist with a family to take care of, and the choices he has to make.

Throughout Slow Burn, Sev Statik impresses with lyrical prowess and conceptual material. However, the album does falter on a few occasions due to sub par production efforts. Shawn J. Period's mundane and simplistic production on "As One" fails to provide the necessary energy, making for filler material. "Love You Anyway" features a choppy effort by Joey Beats, as a Biggie quote awkwardly plays the backdrop during the hook, which only adds to the track's irritating feel. In addition, the simplistic synth sound of "Spare Change" is the type of production that Sev Statik should avoid, as it fails to fit his mold.

Slow Burn proves that Sev Statik is a talented emcee with a lot to offer. The production on his debut album, Speak Life, was more consistent and fulfilling. But thankfully, the few missteps on Slow Burn do not take away from Sev's overall performance. The album's strong points lie within Sev's ability to produce strong conceptual material and thought provoking lyrics that every listener can relate to.

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