Buck 65 @ The Commodore Ballroom    

written by Plus One - March 31st, 2004    
Show PhotoQuite often it's easy to label an artist as "abstract" or "avant-garde" without listening to a lot of their catalogue. Buck 65 has been plagued with this. Sure, to his own admission he does always try to create something new and original. However, there are gems he has assembled which appeal to all people.

With a Buck 65 show (this being my third), you're guaranteed to be entertained. Standing on stage alone with a minidisk, turntable, mixer and microphone, Rich Terfry is in his element. Beneath choreographed light setups, this man commands attention from his audience. Intertwining visual movements to help further illustrate his lyrics, Buck performs his lyrics to perfection above his beats, which are controlled by him on his minidisk. When scratching is either appropriate or an expected part of a song, he also re-creates them live with his 1200 on the stage. The term independent (even though he's on Warner) still applies.

One of the many reasons anyone familiar with Buck 65's catalogue should attend his shows, is the fact that he also performs some of his previously released material in different ways. Rich will change the style in which the lyrics are performed, or perform them normally over an altered or completely unheard beat. His creativity is beautifully personified live.

To distance the audience from a monotonous show, the pace of his performance is adjusted with little comedic tales of experiences and observations. The audience amused, watching fails to become stale and you remain captivated.

If Mr. 65 comes through your city or town and you don't show up, put simply - you're an idiot. In a recent interview with Hugo Lunny, Buck was quoted as saying; "I go into some psychological mindset in an effort trying to create an energy out there." Three shows, three for three. The effort is paying off.

* All photos taken by Michele de la Cruz. Not to be reproduced without discussed consent.

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