Non Phixion @ Montclair State University  

written by Low Key - February 17th, 2005    
Hip Hop concerts are not always about extravagant performances, large crowds, and packed venues. Sometimes the best concerts of your life are those in which the crowd is small, the room is confining, but the artists connect with you. This was the case for Non Phixion's February 17 concert at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

With barely a 100 people in attendance, packed in an ugly "activities" room that was surrounding by wood paneling, you could not help but wonder how this concert would turn out. Thankfully, Non Phixion erased those doubts with a satisfying concert that was an experience in itself. Most acts would be turned off by the small crowd, but Non Phixion knew these kids were their hardcore fans, as they recited every line from their songs. The concert was also short, due to time restrictions and the police turning the lights on. But overall, the crew did a fine job running through a variety of their best songs.

While Goretex was absent, Ill Bill and Sabac (can't forget DJ Eclipse on the wheels of steel), performed their cult favorite "Black Helicopters" and "The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me". For such a small crowd, there was some decent energy in the room. The diehard fans lined the front of the stage, as they clearly knew every word and were constantly going crazy. Sabac even jumped into the crowd and started a mosh pit, which was funny to see. Solo wise, Ill Bill ran through "What's Wrong With Bill" and "Cult Leader", while Sabac pronounced his disgust for President Bush and Illuminati before killing it with "Organize" and "A Change Gon' Come".

In addition, Mr. Hyde, in his usual form, stormed onto the stage to do "Say My Name", which got a great reaction from the heads in attendance. Q-Unique also did four songs, which a lot of fans in the crowd obviously were not up on. These included "Psychological Warfare", "Me, That's Who", "One Shot", and "This Thing Of Ours" featuring Ill Bill.

This concert was strictly for underground heads who appreciate Non Phixion's music. The setting was horrible, the stage was so shitty it was about to split in half, but Non Phixion killed it nevertheless. Sometimes it takes a concert like this for you to really appreciate your favorite underground artist. Those not concerned with anything else but the music and their fans.

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