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Calling your album "Already Platinum" seems like a bold statement. But, according to Slim Thugger, he's referencing his wealth prior to this. As with most major releases, the album has been heavily bootlegged over the past six months and the retail does differ quite a bit from the version which was so widespread.

The confident cadence Slim barrels through with is perfect. His ease over the mic enables the listener to soak in his tales of hustling and Southern balling beyond what most offer. The production, handled by the likes of Jazze Pha and The Neptunes is just as powerful and fierce.

From "Like A Boss" onwards, we're taught to pay attention with two of the album's finest moments coming early on. The bass line on "Diamonds" rattles as Slim boasts and even throws a jab at Lil' Flip. The hook (sampling Bun B) works excellently slotting in between the slow paced verses. "Boyz N Blue" is another one of the album's early assets, Slim and his clique boast above this signature Houston sound. The previously released singles "I Ain't Heard Of That," "3 Kings" and "Incredible Feelin" are as suave as they were when they were first heard and slide in nicely.

The problems really arise when Slim tries to add his own twist on overplayed concepts. "Miss Mary" though loosely amusing, fails at being the weed smoker's anthem that it tries to be. The beat is a little too calm and Slim's wit goes over the top. "Delicate" with Pharrel is another example of how Slim tries too hard. The track dedicated to a deceased friend is ruined by its hook. The verses are performed and written well, but the beat and hook take it too far, detracting from the subject matter.

There are a range of guests on "Already Platinum," from Clipse's Pusha T on "Click Clack" to the two appearances by Jazze Pha and Bun B, to Slim's own clique the Boyz N Blue. Lyrically the album is only slightly above average, the subject matter is fairly overdone, and we're not shown anything drastically unique. However, with that said, the performances and beats are solid, making this a worthwhile attention grabber.

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