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written by Sarah Vega   
Just when I thought smoothness and neo-soul left with D'Angelo, Dwele comes in and drops "Some Kinda". He released "Subject" in 2003 with appreciation but was overlooked. To show his appreciation for different styles of music, he manages to infuse soul, jazz and hip hop in this new album. This sophomore effort has thirteen soul-infused songs; nine which he wrote and produced himself. He also enlisted the help of writer/producer Mike City (Dave Holister and Bilal) Jaydee of Slum Village and G-I.

This baby-making CD is that Neo-soul that purrs in your ear. A welcoming change from all the crying, yelling, why-did-you-cheat-on-me R&B that has plaguing the airwaves. Dwele is poetic. His smooth grooves are reminiscent of D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar". This is jazzy, head bopping music you can enjoy with your partner or solo.

The first single "I Think I Love You" (written and produced by Mike City) is a story everyone can relate to: feeling open too soon. Dwele lets his potential girl know how he is feeling and is willing to deal with the consequences of letting your guard down. Then there is the mid-tempo groove of "Keep On" featuring Slum Village. This song right here is just a request to his lady to keep her sex game tight which "makes me sing this song."

While "A Pimp's Dream" is open to listeners interpretation of what your dream is. To wrap things up, "Old Lovas" is an ode to all those couples that managed to get past all the drama and stay together. The singer wants all those lifers to keep being "Old Lovas/ young at heart/puppy lovers/ big ol' kids/ both of us co-exist/ hand in hand to be old lovas"

Dwele brings neo-soul back to life with his rhythmic voice and stirring lyrics. Anyone looking for depth in R&B, go cop that "Some Kinda."

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